The Absolute Best Time to get your Saturday Night….(Revised. Again.)

is after you publicly announce your lack of Saturday Night for all the world to see.

Posting about such a personal matter is bad. Very bad. And naughty. Very, very naughty. You might just get a spanking for posting something like that.

If you’re lucky, that is.

Sing it with me.

Bomp chicka bow bow….chicka bomp chicka bow wow…..



30 responses to “The Absolute Best Time to get your Saturday Night….(Revised. Again.)

  1. Heraldo…do you have to go and say things like “work it” and get me all worked up again? Although I think you probably have a point.

  2. Ordinary guy is in a drought. Now he comes here and tries to set the place on fire. Sexual Frustration is the like a ring of power. The power can be used for good or evil.-boy

  3. Ah, the anonymous commentary…You say it like it’s a bad thing…Don’t let anyone who doesn’t understand salt your game. I’m down for whatever you do and whatever you feel like writing about :)Love you!

  4. Wait we all aren’t sluts? I’m sorry your penis is so small, no one feels the desire to slut you up Ordinary guy.Real men appreciate girls and sometimes guys (winks at the boys) that love Saturday night.

  5. I am sorry Bumblebee, but what is Saturday Night again? It has been so long that in another two months, I get my virginity back.-boy

  6. He might be an ordinary guy but he has some extra-ordinary retrograde ideas about sex.He got upset about K writing about gettin’ it on with her spouseHow freaking uptight is that?

  7. Wow Kristabel, you sure know how to attract the slut haters. Ordinary Guy is probably an insecure and jealous woman. Real men LOVE us sluts.

  8. Hey Jane,Aren’t you putting together some kind of slutty bloggers convention down Mexico way? I’ll bring the tequila.

  9. I am leaving Thursday, Kristabel. I decided to wait until after Christmas. I’ll blow up another air mattress for you. We’ll have wall to wall sluts. COME ON DOWN!!

  10. …wall to wall sluts…hee hee hee….Oooooh, I wish I could, Jane!I hope you have a fantastic time..enjoy the warmth and the sun. And the tequila.

  11. Well ordinary guy, it shouldn’t be too difficult considering the excellent first impression you’ve given us to work with.

  12. To slut or not to slut. That is the question… Is it a lifestyle choice or are you just lucky enough to be born with it?I feel it’s a “curse” and a “burden” that my husband and I are willing to bare. Hee, hee.K

  13. “To slut or not to slut. That is the question…”Sluthood in its true form ends at marriage,after that it’s the watered down version.“Is it a lifestyle choice or are you just lucky enough to be born with it?”Doesn’t matter as some people are born with the ability to plant natural receptors into a slut’s mind.

  14. Ah, mresquan, finally some insight into sluttery.And….um….did you mean for that last sentence to sound so hot, or is that just me?

  15. Saturday night seems to be a fairly hot topic…the comments just keep coming…I think you should write about it more often :)Miss you. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday and getting your hair pulled in the Bear River Valley with increasing regularity!Rubberneckers playing their last show Thursday the 4th, wanna go?XOXO

  16. Hey, you,I think it’s the sluttiness that’s the hot topic…..Squirrel has left me alone in the valley for the entire weekend, so no hair pulling and Saturday night is definitely not a part of this Saturday night…but I’m finding ways to cause mischief on my own, of course.The Rubberneckers last show – that sounds like fun!What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Hope you’re having fun with your sis!xoxoxox

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