Hey Anonymous Asshole…..

Yeah, you. You know, you just left a nasty message on my cousin’s post. I’m really sorry you have such a miserable life. Actually…that’s not true. I couldn’t care less. Stay the hell away. Hear me?

I just got done having my bus hijacked by the Mexican military on the way to Cancun for so long (and with a 50-caliber automatic weapon pointed at the bus the entire time) that I missed my flight and had to pay a boatload of extra money for a new one and spent the next two straight days traveling…with oh-my-god-I-got-so-drunk-I-drank-the-water-stomach issues….so I am NOT in the mood to put up with your crap.

Go to hell.


15 responses to “Hey Anonymous Asshole…..

  1. Seriously, you got hijacked by the Mexican Military. OMG, how awful!And you got Montezuma’s revenge. I think I would re-think my next trip to Mexico. I hope there is an upswing & fast!

  2. Well, yes, those last couple of days were a little…challenging, but…what a great story we now get to tell!It was a fantastic trip full of adventures and crazy tales. Once I get some sleep I’ll start spilling.When I wrote that post I was just a tiny bit overwhelmed, exhausted and cranky. Fortunately some jackass made a ridiculous comment so that I could let loose.Thanks, anonymous!

  3. OOoo! What a wierd time. Is there a revolution going on in Mexico?I got sick in Mexico City once – horrible! Hope you are feeling better.

  4. I dealt with the military driving to Mexico. About every 50 milesthey had checkpoints to search yourcar. They were nice about it, but Istill didn’t like it. And then there’s the smell of sewage that you can’t seem to escape. After 3times, I’m not going back. Oh, andsitting on the throne, blasting offto the moon isn’t very romanticeither.

  5. Sorry your trip ended on such a sour note, Kristabel. The checkpoints are a fact of life in Mexico, funded by the US for drug interdiction. Imagine being a local who has to go through them every time they drive anywhere, like if they set one up north and south of SoHum. When traveling in a private vehicle it isn’t so bad because they don’t search every car and there is only one set of luggage to inspect. However, the checkpoint every 50 miles must be a mainland thing because in Baja it isn’t like that. There are only a couple on the entire route in Baja Norte.

  6. And I must add, in over 10 years of going to Baja once or twice a year, I have NEVER gotten sick…knock on wood.

  7. Jane…Yes…as soon as we were back on the road Squirrel muttered “Our tax dollars at work.” I guess I was just naive in not realizing how long it would take and how intimidating it would be. We were at the state line between Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Maybe George W. would kick in for the cost of our new plane tickets!That’s great that you’ve never gotten sick. I knew I should’ve just stuck with tequila instead of switching to agua fresca in Merida!

  8. Hey Sista,Glad you’re back and firey as ever I might add.I’ve missed you. How about I take you out for a little holiday sushi next week or so, if you’re available. I would love to hear about all the excitement down south. Hope you are feeling better!xoxo

  9. Next time you go to Mexico, go to the little town I told you about. You can drink the water there because it comes from a spring at the base of the mountains with no significant human development for many miles “upstream.” Don’t wait too long because things are “progressing” there as well.

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