Need something to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers?

Here’s the answer to your problem.

This is an email I received yesterday through Humboldt Freecycle, a fantastic way to get rid of your junk – or to get some more.

Make too much for Thanksgiving? Don’t know what to do with all those leftovers? Let a starving student take them off your hands! You provide the food, I’ll provide the containers. I can travel just about anywhere in Arcata that’s within a few miles of downtown (on foot). Email or call me at xxx-xxxx . I can pick up Thursday evening or anytime Friday. Anything I can’t eat will be shared with other students.

Thanks in advance,

I think anyone willing to take a risk like this definitely deserves to get his wish fulfilled, and believe me, if I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere, I’d be donating to the cause. So if you’re not a member of Freecycle and you want to help this courageous young man, send me an email, and I’ll hook you up.

And Scott…here’s wishing you a long weekend filled with turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes and free of salmonella, hepatitis, errant hairs or other assorted germs and surprises.


12 responses to “Need something to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers?

  1. Does he scrape the half-eaten turkey off the plates, and place it in his containers? Does he pack up the half eaten dinner rolls? How thorough is this guy? -boy

  2. A bit off- topic but, when we lived in Mexico, poor people would often come by and ring our front gate. It would usually be a lady with a kid or two with her. She hold out a plate and ask for any food we hadn’t eaten. Yep, she was asking for any leftovers we had from our previous meal. Really something.

  3. In my little town in Mexico everyone who can shares with those in need whether because of poverty or illness. We make up dishes of leftovers and deliver them to those we know are having a hard time or invite them to eat, they don’t have to beg. We also pack up nonperishables like flour, sugar, coffee, rice and beans to give away as well as what is left in the freezer before we come back to the states. It is a small thing to us but means a lot to the hungry who don’t have the benefit of a soup kitchen or food stamps to survive. Kudos to you if you gave your leftovers, Fred. Jane Doe

  4. <>We make up dishes of leftovers and deliver them to those we know are having a hard time or invite them to eat, they don’t have to beg.<>Just as it should be, Jane. I know the comparison between this guy and the people in Mexico is apples/oranges, but I hope someone just went ahead and invited him to dinner. Speaking of Mexico, I’m heading there next week and would love to ask you a question or two. I promise I won’t talk about your whip.

  5. Too bad about the whips…Hey, Jane, will you please email me so I don’t have to broadcast everything to the whole blogosphere? Thanks.

  6. Play “Sigo Siendo el Rey” on the jukebox. That’ll get you an appreciative nod in any bar in Mexico.

  7. I don’t know that song, but from the title I don’t know if they would appreciate it being played by a gringo. It sounds a bit imperialistic. Jane Doe

  8. Then I guess I’ll let Squirrel play the jukebox, and I’ll just stick with what I’m good at – drinking tequila.

  9. Be sure to bring home your permitted quantity of good tequila. It is less than half the price we pay here and the selection is endless. I really like Corralejo Anejo, less than $30a bottle there, about $80 here IF you can find it. Damiana liquor is also a bargain. It is considered an aphrodisiac and comes in a lovely Incan goddess shaped bottle. Jane Doe

  10. Hey, Jane, I have a bottle of that Damiana sitting on my kitchen windowsill. It’s so beautiful I can’t bring myself to open it. Thanks for the tequila tip.

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