Heraldo…is that you????

I was at the garage the other day and…wait…H? Could it be???
Oh, sorry. I could have sworn that was…um…

Yes, that’s him for sure…right?

Oh, well maybe?

This guy for sure. I know Heraldo likes to keep it neat and tidy down south…no?

OK, that’s him.

Please God, tell me that’s not him!

I guess we may never know but I’m keeping a look out for Heraldo sightings. He’s tricky. Let us know where you’ve seen him.


22 responses to “Heraldo…is that you????

  1. Actually Jane, thank Keri, who is Kristabel’s Goddess cousin.OK. H’s response was classic. It must have been like an online scrapbook for him.Very amusing.-boy

  2. Oh. dear. god. I haven’t laughed so hard….since yesterday when you sent me the 1977 j.c. penney catalog pictures. Neat and tidy down south….hee hee hee hee….snort….

  3. Well, Jane, Keri’s never been known to miss a new trend or fad, so she’s jumped on the whole “I am completely obsessed with Heraldo’s identity” thing that seems to be shimmying down the catwalk these days.And who knows? I saw Heraldo hitch hiking outside of the Boiler Room on 101 the other day…so he very well could be eating nyquil-glazed donuts in Portland right now.

  4. Hmmm! Nyquil-Glazed Donuts! I knew I was craving something this morning. It will have to wait until I get my Sunday Morning (stay tuned @ my blog for the meaning of Sunday Morning)-boy

  5. Yup, he’s everywhere. We just got back from my step-daughter’s high school dance competition in Washinton. I swear I saw him in a blue sparkling jumpsuit leotard. He and 40 other dancers performed an awesome pom routine to ABBA. Brought a tear to my eye.xoxoxoK

  6. No!!! You’ll laugh actually. It was “Money, money, money”. There were about 8 songs all related to…well, money.

  7. If I’ve told you people once, I’ve told you a thousand times….Heraldo is that humorous elderly security guard at the entrance gate to Sun Valley Floral Farms.

  8. Eko,Are you talking about Sun Valley farms in Willow Creek? They lease 10 acres from my Grandpa Doug’s property. Hmmm, the next time I come down I will have to check out their guard!K

  9. Hey Eko, I think Heraldo is officiating tonights Colts/Chargers game in San Diego. It is raining down there (my they needed it), so he should feel right at home.-boy

  10. Keri, I was speaking about the Arcata Bottoms Floral factory.I know Sun Valley has a farm in Willow Creek, but who is your Grandpa Doug? Is his place out on Patterson Road? Or is it on Clover Flat? Near Trinity Valley Elementary School?Oh, and there would be no need for a guard at the farm in Willow Creek.

  11. I saw Heraldo while on my bike ride this morning. He was driving the HTA bus on Sunset Blvd going over the highway towards HSU.-boy

  12. His place is off of Patterson road. You’re right, no need for a guard. Although there is a lot of meth up there I doubt they would want to break into a flower farm!!K

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