We’ll Drink to That!

Have you had a rough week? Have too many responsibilities and not enough time helped to get your knickers in a complete twist? The Brits have the solution to your troubles. It’s National Orgasm Week across the pond, and here at Chocolate Covered Xanax, we see no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate as well.

Need a little help? Go buy yourself something pretty and battery-operated at Good Relations.

Need more discretion? South Coast Pleasure can certainly help you out through the mail.

Not into DIY? Then for god’s sake get your arse home and have a good old-fashioned shag.

Also, check out this video which explains why, unfortunately, only 12% of women in England are having orgasms. We’d call that a bloody national emergency.


8 responses to “We’ll Drink to That!

  1. /bites tongue as Kristabel’s lil friends have not seen the joy that is the unfiltered bee in action. Anywho, I knew there was a reason that I went shopping last week…. I sensed somewhere orgasms were being celebrated…. /sticks on her party hat and flits off to her room.

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