Not For You Delicate Folks. Seriously.

To continue today’s theme of….well, if you’ve read the previous posts you already know….here’s something Keri and I would like to share just because we’re sweet that way. It’s one of our favorite groups asking that age old question: Do you take it?

The Wet Spots

Well, do you?

16 responses to “Not For You Delicate Folks. Seriously.

  1. My first question:Can we get this song for Karaoke?Second Question:If so, can we sing it at the next “company” dance? Wait, too risky!!Third Question:Alright, “Taking one for the Team”? In the guy talk world, this already has meaning. So is this term now redefined??If women want to find a man who “takes it”, might I suggest a parolee from the Oswald Maximum Security Prison; known on the streets as OZ.

  2. Thanks for diggin’ up our favorite family stand-by. I’ll be hummin’ that tune all day.We are such givers. The blog universe and Humboldt Co. should be showering us with awards and making us grand marshalls of a parade. Who else is going to bring then such class and culture?

  3. It’s actually the jingle that the SN customer service line plays to the holders of the sub prime mortgage when they are put on hold for three and a half hours.

  4. Hey boy…we can get Keri to play banjo, then we won’t even need the karaoke background music! I say we perform it at the next company party instead of our planned “Take a Chance on Me” number. ABBA will understand.

  5. Hee hee hee, Jennifer; thanks for the clarity!Yes, Carol, it’s certainly a catchy tune – just like Gay Boyfriend, but much less appropriate to sing in public – although I was singing it at work today next to the Boy Most Likely To’s desk. “Cuz you’re beautiful and currrvy, but unless you’re kinda perrrvy….”

  6. Thank you so much for the song, Kristabel, it made my day. “Maybe we can take a correspondence class!”-boy

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