Did You Hear That?

If there’s one thing that Keri and I like to do when we’re out in public, it’s eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. Every so often we’ll post one of these gems that we’ve been fortunate enough to overhear. Hey, if they’re going to talk that loud….

DATE: Sunday, July 29, 2007

TIME: 12 p.m.

PLACE: The Chief Drive-In, Laytonville, CA

MISCELLANEOUS INFO: Damn good big fat onion rings, but according to Squirrel, The Chief’s condiment selection is not what it used to be.

A woman is sitting at a table with three men.

Woman: You know what next weekend is, don’t you?

Man #2: What?

Woman: That reggae thing. You know, when all those smelly people come into town.

Man #1, 2 and 3: collective groan

Woman: I don’t have a problem telling ’em they stink. This year, I think maybe I’ll take a garden hose to ’em.

Man #1: You could take a G.I. brush and a bar of soap to ’em, but you’d probably get arrested.

Woman: Last year I told some guy that he needed to take a bath. He said he already had. Can you believe that? It’s all that funny-smelling cologne they wear.

All four: Silence, looking down and shaking their heads in dismay.

7 responses to “Did You Hear That?

  1. hee hee…I’m sure we wouldn’t want to hear what people say when they overhear our conversations!

  2. A friend of mine actually shhh’s me at restaurants so that he can listen in on other people’s conversations…and they’re not talking loud! Unfortunatley the conversations he listens to aren’t nearly as entertaining! Maybe we need to start hanging out where the Stinkin’ Hip…Aromatic Urban Travelers are!

  3. That’s too bad, anon. Your friend must have different eavesdropping taste because I seem to hear weird stuff everywhere. My favorite is a very small conversation that I heard at the Henderson Center Laundromat awhile ago, but I haven’t posted that yet. I’m waiting for a really slow day.

  4. I will be down there this weekend, driving a shuttle bus. No telling what conversations I am going to be listening to, whether I like it or not.

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