Art…It’s A Family Thing

And now, a little class, a little culture …..

Feeling somewhat starved for art this week I indulged in 2 events that soothed my creative nerve endings. Sunday, I dragged the whole famn damily to the opening of the new Museum of Contemporary Craft here in Portland. There was an amazing array of paintings, photography, pottery, jewelry and my personal fav, a sock monkey quilt. Had the price been on it I might have splurged much to the chagrin of Burt. Either that or the Picasso for $15,000. It would have been a tough call. The grand opening had lots of booths to watch artisans create and some where you could participate as well. Lots of people, food and amazing art. If you get up this way be sure to stop by and tell them Keri sent you. Maybe I could get a discount on that quilt.

Yesterday I wrangled the kids to Crackedpots at McMenamen’s Edgefield. It’s an annual event that has artisans making garden art from recycled, reclaimed materials. It is too fabulous for words, so I will leave you with some pictures.

Made from rusted barbed wire.

Flowers made from lids of jars.

A fork made of forks!

Glass things on pipes.

Now get out there, get your art on and leave this planet a little better off than you found her!

3 responses to “Art…It’s A Family Thing

  1. Please tell me you’re bringing that fork made of forks as my wedding gift!Sounds like a really fun weekend. xoxox

  2. I would but it was $1400.00. You are so worth every penny however my funds are reaching serious drought levels.xoxoxo

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