Old Town Observation

Funniest conversation overheard this morning at Has Beans Coffee Shop:

Guy with hat puts down his Times-Standard in disgust: “Man, why do poor people like fireworks so much?”

Guy with beard: “It’s all about power, man.”

Guy with hat: “Huh?”

Guy with beard: “Power. They don’t have any. They want some. So they light stuff on fire and blow it up and watch the sparks fly. It makes them feel powerful.”

Guy with hat: “I see what you’re saying.”

3 responses to “Old Town Observation

  1. There is something about fireworks that brings out the white trash. Seriously. It has everything to do with blowing shit up, it draws them to it like a moth to a flame. They love it. Anyone who was in Arcata on Saturday night and took a moment to check out their neighbors knows exactly what I’m talking about.

  2. Yes, anon., I agree that it’s a huge form of entertainment to some people…but believing poor people like fireworks because they feel powerless? That’s quite a stretch, no matter how many self-help psych. books the guy’s read. I know plenty of people who aren’t poor who really get off on blowing things up, too.

  3. Very true Kristabel Look at George W Bush He’s lived his whole life dog paddling in a vast sea of wealth and nepotistic priviledge.Blowing things up is something Bush obviously gets off upon.

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