I LOVE my mom and dad

I really, really do. xoxoxoxoxox


7 responses to “I LOVE my mom and dad

  1. Oh that Carol..or was it Greg? They spilled the blog beans…we might have to change our blog name to Yogurt Coated Paxil or something.By the way, when I heard your voice on the machine I was thinking, “What? I didn’t call home today.” We even fool me! xoxoxox

  2. OK, Kristabel … I shouldn’t drink limoncello, anyways.Hey, the red dahlias are looking very pretty and just starting to bloom.

  3. EVERYONE should drink limoncello! I’ll bet the dahlias are going to be beautiful – I’ve heard the raves.

  4. OK, maybe a taste, but if it is anything like Long Island Ice Tea, then I could really get into trouble!

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