Thursday Morning Commute Statistics

Number of deer seen: 14

Number of times stopped by cows in the road: 3

Number of times stopped by peacocks in the road: 1

Number of fantasies about hot opinionated bloggers: at least 7

Number of curves from Malfunction Junction to Ferndale on Wildcat Road: I stopped counting at 100

Number of coffee spills into cleavage: 3

Number of swear words issued at cattle truck driving 10 miles-an-hour under the speed limit: 5

Number of times wondering, “What the hell are these huge orange things in the highway for, and why do they go all the way to Eureka?”: 2

Number of daydreams about cal-trans workers behind huge orange things: 1, well maybe 2, but that last one doesn’t really count.


3 responses to “Thursday Morning Commute Statistics

  1. Number of times your passenger felt like vomiting due to motion sickness:77,253.Number of times you thought you were going to go off the edge because it was midnight with fog and those damn kamakaze rabbits kept throwing themselves at the car:27Making it home safely: priceless

  2. I whooped it up one 4th of July on Mad Dog 20-20 at the Mattole Grange until 3am…and then teetered over to my campsite at A.W. Way campground next door. After the twirlies came and went and I got about four hours of sleep, it was time to drive back to Eureka. Damn you Petrolia Road! Upchucked three times between the store and Malfunction Junction. I should have taken Upper Bear River Road into Rio Dell…it would have been smoother. I guess you pay for your sins.

  3. And those kinds of memories are priceless as well.I don’t know about taking Bear River Ridge Rd. to Rio Dell, though. It might have been a less-curvy ride, but as Keri mentioned, you would have had to deal with those crazy Jihad bunnies.

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