Old Town Observation

I have a fantastic view of a notorious watering hole here in my little home-away-from-home in Eureka. Several times a day I see cars driven by men pull into the parking lot. They get out of their cars and knock on the black door located in the back corner. A woman usually answers it, but I can never tell if it’s the same woman or several different women. Sometimes the man goes inside. Sometimes the woman comes out and gets in his car. Some people might speculate about what they think is happening here, but I’m just merely making observations. I wonder if I should break out the zoom lens?

7 responses to “Old Town Observation

  1. Hi Carol,There’s also a window up above the bar where people stand in the parking lot and yell up at it, “FREAK!”I don’t know what that’s about either! Sure is a fascinating part of town, though.

  2. I have a sentimental attachment to that building because my great-grandfather owned it back in about 1910. He didn’t operate the bar, though.Yes, if walls could talk….

  3. if walls could talk . . . most likely they would scream (just kidding)Years ago I went into The Schooner to participate in a jam session led by a former guitar teacher, Greg Tinsley. The owner of the establishment kept buying me beer, I guess because he liked my singing. The beers were stacked-up, and there was no way that I could drink them. I haven’t been there since that night.

  4. Actually the front bar at the Schooner is nice. Good crowd and comfortable. Only dif in the back is the topless pole dancing and lap dancing.

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